Manifest Magic Miracles

18 months ago, I took level 1 and then level 2 shortly after; my life has never been the same since. Garz has created a program that absolutely activates your soul, allows you to rediscover your true abilities, get grounded on who you are and why you are here. Today, not only am I a full-time healer after leaving my 15yr marketing career, but I am now opening my own healing store in Long Beach, CA. Garz is simply aHamazing!
— Sara Cummings-Wong
While thinking about taking level 2, my family and I were being evicted from our home, notices kept appearing on our door and rental rejection calls kept coming in. I knew if I took this next level of class, our lives would change. As soon as I left class, I began using my newly rediscovered tools, I began working on our eviction situation, on my husband, our children, me, and WOW did I feel like a deer in headlights as I drove home. I continued to process Garz’s teachings and began implementing as soon as things would come up. 2 days after class, the last home that had a few applicants ahead of us decided to rent their condo to us!!! We were in disbelief. Our situation went from almost living in a hotel to now living in a perfect gated community! Our 5yr old daughter no longer cries when she gets left at school. She had been crying daily for months with separation anxiety, my relationship with my mother has grown, we can say “I love you” to each other! I even took a trip to Europe with my girlfriends... for a week!! My husband even took both classes!!! He has since quit his project manager job to pursue his passion. He opened up our company Orange County Consultants, where he is now one of the top Cannabis consultants in the world!!! Yes... I said world! We both get to heal people and pets worldwide. Taking Garz’s class has been life changing and has opened us up to life’s infinite possibilities and the tools we’ve acquired helped us bring our dreams into reality. Don’t think about it, take her classes. Go develop and explore what’s been hiding inside you all along and you won’t regret it, I promise you!!!
— Isabel Ramirez
If I could give five hundred stars to Garz and Alchemist’s Arts Healing I would! Totally life changing for me. She is gifted among the gifted! Garz and Alchemist’s Arts Healing allowed me to elevate my career to the top of its game becoming a show runner and getting nominated for 2 Emmys. I ended a 14yr relationship, found the man of my dreams and now engaged, repaired damaged relationships with family, received improved health, self-esteem, wellbeing and peace of mind and also developed (unexpectedly) my own intuitive gifts. Garz creates a safe and supportive environment to practice different modalities. It affirmed for me that everyone has gifts, it’s just a matter of allowing yourself to trust and use them. She is so knowledgeable and experienced in this work - truly a light working wizard!
— Talia Barr
This was a complete psychic/spiritual workout that left me filled with love and light- even though my brain is literally exploding with information! This workshop will teach you to trust your intuition and strengthen your energetic powers. If you are looking for a place to boost your spiritual development, do yourself a favor and book a spot in the next’s some of the best money I have ever spent!
—  Jourdan Whitehead
Garz brings deep knowledge, trust, and rigor to create a remarkable workshop that both teaches and heals the students, while allowing those same students to then take that work to their friends, family, and the world. If you would like to develop your own joy, freedom, healing and/or intuition, or would like to share your many gifts with others in your life, this workshop is for you!
— Dris Upitis
This training has changed my life forever, and has empowered me to not only trust myself but to live from that place of KNOWING myself and following my Intuition that reveals the Truth... Since the training I have completely surrendered to what my heart felt since I was a little girl and as a result I am now living the life of my dreams. The past life, karma clearing work that Garz did for me transmuted A LOT and has created space for the aspect of me that has been waiting to be birthed and now I feel free and more in alignment with my Highest Self more than ever before. 
—  Lindsay Weidner
This weekend was the first I had ever experienced in being guided to understand my intuition experientially. Once it’s experienced, it can only be more easily recognized. So incredibly remarkable! This is not just a workshop for a particular group of people already “seasoned” in fields of spirituality - EVERYONE can easily partake and discover strengths and skills they may have never recognized! Everything presented is and can be relevant to every walk of life.
— Kenza Kadmiry
I have been bubbling over full of so much love, joy, peace, and light since participating in the  workshop. Although I’m on a spiritual high I feel so grounded and connected to spirit, and universe. I left so empowered to handle anything that comes up to obstruct my journey. From my job to relationships even my own body and everything over under in between. Leave logic at home, come to class with an open heart and open eyes and you will leave shining brighter and with a clear, peaceful heart and mind. If you have an itch of curiosity about this workshop, sign up! You are infinitely abundant and this workshop has infinite value.
— Iman Newborn
All I can saw is - wow! Garz pours tons of care, integrity and commitment into the classes and you will walk away with a growing sense of abilities you never knew you had and the ability to use them in your daily life. Highly recommended!
— Michael Nichols
I came into the workshop very drained, anxious and depressed. After completing this two-day workshop I feel refreshed, enlightened and transformed.  I leave with new tools to preserve and protect my new glow. I look forward to the next workshop - to continue my healing journey.
— Cynthia Crosby
Not only did I come away with a new set of tools and plethora of mind blowing processes and practices, but I also left with renewed self confidence in my own inert healing and intuitive abilities. The course was packed with many different modalities:  all modalities were explained clearly, concisely and with enthusiasm. There was never a dull moment, getting straight into practice and hands on experience.  Instruction was easy to follow and results happened almost immediately. Truly a gift.  Thank you!
— Miranda Cristofani