Self-Paced Learning Workshop

The Offering

Alchemist’s Arts Healing now offers a self-paced online workshop designed for people who have full-time schedules. This format allows you to learn at your own pace, in your own time.

This self-paced learning includes:

  • 30 instructional videos

  • 12 guided meditations

  • 1 manual

  • Questionnaires

What You’ll Receive

You’ll learn how to activate your clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant abilities, to strengthen and enhance your innate healing powers. This self-paced learning will help you develop your connection to source, receive downloads, upgrades, and divine guidance.

Plus, you’ll discover how to reset the nervous system, hack and reprogram the subconscious mind, and align with your true self while shifting your paradigm and elevating your frequency into the 5D/fifth dimension.

What You’ll Explore

Through this self-paced learning, you’ll explore:

  • Tapping into energy fields, clearing energetic blockages
  • Seeing auras, strengthening auric fields
  • Remote viewing, psychometry, psychic development
  • Akashic Records, life purpose, canceling soul contracts
  • Psychic, mediumship readings
  • Removing psychic cords, clearing chakras
  • Deleting traumas, karmas, negative/limiting beliefs
  • Extracting entities, psychic surgery
  • Quantum jumping, parallel universes, parallel lives
  • Past life readings and clearings
  • Astral travel/projection
  • I.E.T. Integrated Energy Therapy with Archangels
  • Neutralizing phobias, heal your wounded inner child
  • Meeting your animal totem, gatekeeper, spirit guide, guardian angel, starseed family
  • Light Language Activation
  • Removing abundance, health, relationship blockages
  • Strengthening/magnetizing all areas of your life: relationships, health, career, purpose, and abundance/prosperity

Who Can Take the Course?

This workshop is open to beginners and professionals alike. I request that those who choose to join this journey of transformation are kind, respectful, caring, and loving souls, open minded and ready for expansion and alchemy.

The Energy Exchange


Our No Refund Policy

There is a strict no refund policy. We believe that those who choose our workshops are intentional and committed individuals who are ready to activate, ascend and manifest their gifts, powers, and purpose. Thank you for being so amazing, and magical blessings to you.

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